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Managed by industry professionals for industry professionals

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Apex Energy Services, established by industry professionals to deliver value add services and support to the Australian and international energy sector. Apex is underpinned by our people, our culture and our core business values.  We promote honesty and transparency in business relationships by empowering our people and setting standards for professional and ethical performance.  Projects and personnel are managed by experienced industry professionals, delivering real business solutions by applying ‘tried and tested’ management practices. Our services include:

  • Manpower Services
  • Project Management
  • Provision of Operating Company Representative (OCR)
  • Training and Workforce Development

Apex focuses on the delivery of ‘big picture’ solutions through streamlined management practices and by ensuring we are partnered with business affiliates and clients that share our core values and philosophy.

How we do business

The Apex advantage is delivered through the successful internal partnering of industry veterans with experience at the operational level and human resource executives to build a balanced and realistic pursuit and management of talent. We believe that it takes an energy veteran to know exactly what talent our clients require on their energy projects. Through this dynamic partnering, Apex has engineered a model whereby real value is delivered to our clients.

It is the fundamental knowledge of an oil and gas project that Apex place immense value on. Through our ability to deliver customisable training solutions, we understand the value of knowledge transfer, training initiatives and mentoring programs. Ultimately, the integration of operational personnel internally allows Apex to intimately understand a client’s operational needs and deliver the right solution, cost effectively and on time.

In essence, oil and gas professionals delivering services to the energy industry.

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